Svantek SV104 noise dosimeter

The SV 104 noise dosimeter has incredible functionality and is a compact style device.


The SV 104 noise dosimeter has incredible functionality and is a compact style device. The SV 104 is the revolutionary new approach instrument for noise monitoring (occupational health and safety) that offers features such as voice commentary and audio event recording that are a new concept in a device of this size. The measurement data are safely stored in the large 8 GB memory and the incredible OLED display shows the information both in text and graphics, and offers excellent visibility even in daylight.

This personal dosimeter has the robust 1/2″ MEMS microphone that allows easy calibration using the most commonly available acoustic calibrators. The SV 104 is a wireless dosimeter and usually fits on the user’s shoulder, close to the ear with the supplied mounting clips. The device is powered by the package from Svantek, a health and safety specialist, “Supervisor”, and is powered by installed rechargeable batteries or through the USB interface which also allows easy connection between the SV 104 and a PC.


  • Small, compact style dosimeter
  • Easy user interface
  • Shock-resistant MEMS microphone
  • Built-in triaxial accelerometer for vibration (knock) detection
  • High contrast color OLED display
  • Individual measurement range
  • Option for real time octave analysis
  • Option for recording audio events
  • Voice tags
  • Start of automatic calibration
  • Three virtual measurement profiles
  • Operating time >40 hours
  • SB 2.0 interface
  • Rechargeable battery
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